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Tea bags

May 2011

Recently, I was asked by one of my clients to help a Chinese spouse find work in Denmark. Her name was Xiaowu. We met on company premises, in a meeting room with an adjacent kitchenette where one could help themselves to coffee and tea.

Recruiting Indians to Denmark

March 2011

I recently met a man called Niels who recruits Indian professionals to Denmark. We talked about how he successfully recruits candidates to Danish companies when there are such enormous cultural differences between Denmark and India.

The culture shock of a new computer

January 2011

6 months ago we bought a new family computer - an Apple MacBook with the Mac operating system. Looking back, the change from the well known language of a PC to the unknown language of Mac can easily be compared to the 4 phases of culture shock.

At last, I understand Danish!

November 2010

A German nurse was in training at a Danish hospital as well as studying Danish to improve her job prospects. She was shadowing her Danish mentor at work on the ward when she heard a doctor talking to a patient...

Would you employ your cousin?

September 2010

At the end of a recruitment process for a good job in a company with excellent career prospects two candidates are left. They are equally well qualified. One of them you don't know, the other is your cousin. The question is: which candidate would you choose?

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“In Denmark, it seems we have moved away from openness and globalisation and in doing so are reducing growth and development. We have to do more to retain the foreign colleagues we are so keen to attract”

Jørgen Hunø Rasmussen, CEO at FLSmidth, taken from an article in Berlingske Tidende 30/09/09: Top industry professionals break with the fear of globalisation