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How many reindeer do you have?

November 2009

This summer, I went for guided walk in the mountainous region of Sweden. Our guide was a Sami belonging to the ethnic group of people who live in Northern Scandinavia...

What language do they speak?

October 2009

A middle-aged couple does the cleaning every afternoon at my kids’ school. Every day around 4PM they’re in full swing, washing the floors and emptying the waste bins, their eyes effectively turned towards the work to do.

Play dates

September 2009

Emilie and Joy have just started school and become friends. After school they want to play together so Emilie’s mother, who is Danish, rings to Joy’s mother who is Kenyan, to arrange a play date at Emilie’s house.

Japanese table manners

August 2009

A well-educated Japanese woman works in a large international company in Denmark. She is popular, intelligent and finds it easy to get on with other people. One evening she is invited to dinner at the home of a Dane and enjoys both the company and the food.

Expectations of China

July 2009

A Danish woman was soon to be posted in China with her husband and daughter. To get ready for this new experience, she talked to others who had lived there.

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“Many companies find it difficult to integrate foreign employees, especially if they arrive with spouses and children”

Morten Revsbeck, HR manager at Terma, taken from, 16/01/09: Network is needed for foreign workers to settle down