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An international attitude

June 2010

I recently spoke to a Sales Director in the international concern Novozymes. He spends much of his time traveling around the world to build up client relationships because, like most sales people, he knows that sales are the result of strong relationships built up over time...

Spring time is when the Danes bloom

April 2010

Spring has arrived. The birds sing and the days get longer. Flowers bloom and cyclists return to the streets. An English man living in Denmark told me that even the Danes bloom at spring time.

”Vous” or ”tu” in France?

February 2010

When studying in France many years ago, the international students were invited by French families for a day or a weekend to meet each other and get an idea of what French family life is all about.


January 2010

What is the right time to arrive at a dinner party in Denmark? Some talk about ‘the academic 15 minutes’ which means that you are expected to arrive 15 minutes late.

Putting things together the right way

December 2009

I still remember our first American exchange student Kaaren, who lived with my family in Denmark when I was 13. While preparing a lunch pack for the next day at school...

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"In 2011, family- and spouse- related issues has overtaken compensation issues as the number one topic addressed by international assignees."

The Ernst and Young study on Global Mobility Effectiveness (2011)