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Cultural (mis)perceptions of behaviour

April 2012

It’s funny how one can be on their best behavior in a situation and yet be seen to be something else by the other person. This is particularly true in intercultural interactions.

Stereotypes on the London Underground

February 2012

On a recent trip to London, standing in a crowded underground train somewhere between Victoria and Bond Street stations, the pitfalls of stereotyping people were emphasised.

It's so hyggeligt!

November 2011

Recently Supporting People met two American women; both married to a Dane and have lived in Denmark for a number of years. Both meetings ended with the Americans' spontaneous final remark "It's so hyggeligt".

Dane, American or Danish-American?

September 2011

The other day Supporting People attended a fascinating lecture by Ph.D., MBA and strategic management consultant, Mette Nørgaard, who has just published a new book ”TouchPoints – Tænk ledelse i selv det mindste øjeblik” (U.S. title: Touchpoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments).

Andy Warhol & Edvard Munch

July 2011

Last summer in a surprising exhibition, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art displayed works from Warhol and Munch together. An initial reaction would be to think of these two art icons as having very little in common, and as being artistic opposites. So, why show the artists together in the same exhibition?

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"When you consider what is entailed with moving a family abroad and then supporting their acclimation once they are there, there really isn't anything 'soft' about these services."

Lauren Herring, President of Global services for IMPACT Group, St. Louis, Missouri.