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Job & Career Support Results

December 2011

New impressive results from our Job & Career Support Services: Over the last two years, 92% of our clients have reached the interview stage, whilst 56% have found permanent or temporary employment. Read about our Job & Career Services.

Vision, Mission, Values

November 2011

Our vision is to be a globally valued and trusted company that provides exceptional services and solutions to ease global workforce mobility and international collaborations.

Forum for Expatriate Management

October 2011

Supporting People is now a member of the Forum for Expatriate Management.


October 2011

Supporting People together with other global mobility organisations in Denmark have formed a trade association, Global Mobility Denmark.

Supporting People's New Office

September 2011

We have moved to our new office.

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“Tax is just one factor that plays a part in deciding whether a country is an attractive place to be posted (…) What matters most in a posting is that the family settles into the new country, and that only happens if there is proper help and support on hand”

Ditlev Engel, CEO at Vestas, taken from an article in Berlingske Tidende 30/09/09: Top industry professionals break with the fear of globalisation