Family Support

Turn a stay in Denmark in to a rewarding experience for everyone.

A great introduction to life in Denmark.

Starting a new life in a new country means adjusting to a new set of cultural norms and expectations. For many people this is an exciting time of discovery and new realisations. However, others experience their first few months in a new country as a period fraught with frustration and difficulty.

We help relocated employees and their families make this adjustment smoothly by increasing their awareness and understanding of Danish culture and how to get in contact with Danes.

Using workshops,coaching sessions and networking meetings we cover a variety of themes including:

  • CVs and job applications

  • The unwritten rules in Danish workplaces and society

  • The Danish educational system

  • Sporting clubs and associations

  • Making friends in Denmark

All sessions are designed to increase understanding and acceptance of Danish culture. Our group workshops are also an ideal opportunity to meet and network with others in similar situations.

“Our surveys have shown that the most important factor in retaining foreign employees is employment for their spouses”

Arne Carlsen, Director for Internationalisation at the Danish School of Education, taken from, 16/09/09: Network is needed for foreign employees to settle down