Family Support

Turn a stay in Denmark in to a rewarding experience for everyone.

  • Enhanced recruitment profile

    Top international candidates look at more than just salary when they consider a new job. By including professional support for relocated families, companies widen their recruitment base and are able to attract the very best talent.

  • Increased retention rates

    Often our professional guidance and dedicated support is the factor that makes the difference between the family returning home early or the family staying for the full duration of the contract. With relatively little investment, we can provide the helping hand that turns the stay in Denmark into a positive and rewarding experience for all parties involved.

  • An easier and more efficient start for new employees

    New employees who know that their families are being looked after and have somewhere to turn to sort out any problems have been shown to settle faster in their jobs. The family support we provide makes relocating to Denmark an easier process for everyone involved.

  • More effective multicultural teams

    Teams that have employees from many different backgrounds are able to bring new ideas and ways of thinking to their work. We can help you get the most out of your team by holding an intercultural awareness session that makes everyone more aware of and sensitive to cultural similarities and differences.

In this section...

"Around 40-45 % of all relocations to Denmark include moving the family. However, over half of these relocated employees do not stay for the full duration of their contract because the family has difficulties settling in Denmark. For companies, this means extra expense in recruiting and training a new specialist employee, as well as the risk of the project stopping while this takes place."