Family Support

Turn a stay in Denmark in to a rewarding experience for everyone.

New employees who know that their families have somewhere to turn to, to sort out any problems, have been shown to adapt faster to their jobs and stay for the full duration of their contract.

Using tailor-made programs with individual coaching sessions, proactive door opening, group workshops or networking meetings, our professional guidance and dedicated support is often the helping hand that makes the difference and turns a stay in Denmark into a positive experience for all parties involved.

In our work, we draw on an extensive network of language trainers, integration consultants, relocation specialists, psychologists, recruitment agencies, public sector employees as well as foreign professionals living in Denmark.

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“Many companies find it difficult to integrate foreign employees, especially if they arrive with spouses and children”

Morten Revsbeck, HR manager at Terma, taken from, 16/01/09: Network is needed for foreign workers to settle down

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