Cultural Awareness

Overcome cultural obstacles and turn diversity into a strength.

Increase workplace effectiveness and motivation.

Using a mentoring scheme gives new employees a contact person who can help them navigate through the new company culture from their first day at work. Not only does this make them feel welcome but it also helps them settle quickly into the culture of the new workplace.

The mentor is able to discuss any workplace issues as they arise with the employee. He or she can shed light on any cultural differences and bring a new perspective to dealing with potential problems.

Supporting People can help you set up a mentoring program and provide the necessary cultural training and support for new mentors. We can also act as mentors for team leaders managing international teams.

“The majority of international employees are not satisfied with what their employers are doing to integrate them and their families”

Survey by International Community 2009 taken from Erhvervsbladet 18/12/09: Danish companies are not doing enough for international employees and their families