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Course: Emailing across Cultures

Despite the extreme frequency of email correspondence, little attention is paid to the importance of email know-how and etiquette and the differences that exist between cultures. In order to address this need, Supporting People proposes an inspiring 2-hour course to employees in your company.

The course can be held in both Danish and English, and employees will learn how to

  • Communicate effectively when emailing international colleagues, clients and partners
  • Find the balance between being polite, yet firm and clear in your emails
  • Build on the knowledge learnt and take action to improve future email correspondence

The aim of the course

  • To draw attention to the pitfalls of email correspondence, and how to avoid them
  • To provide tools to help manage and optimize future email correspondence, particularly across cultures.

The content of the course

  • A foundational understanding of the factors that come in to play in intercultural email communications
  • Case studies and exercises which help participants improve their ability to identify possible sources of problems in email communication.
  • Exercises to help the participants understand their own role and responsibility in email communication
  • With Supporting People’s inspirational tools, the participants work towards an email code of conduct that is relevant for their work scope and environment.

Price and payment

Up to 15 participants (one consultant): DKK 9,000 + 25% moms

16-30 participants (two consultants): DKK 16,600 + 25% moms

Prices valid until the end of 2012.

The price includes transportation within Greater Copenhagen and materials. It does not include meeting facilities, food and drinks.

“Many companies find it difficult to integrate foreign employees, especially if they arrive with spouses and children”

Morten Revsbeck, HR manager at Terma, taken from, 16/01/09: Network is needed for foreign workers to settle down

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