Cultural Awareness

Overcome cultural obstacles and turn diversity into a strength.

Course: Optimizing Intercultural Interactions

Many Danes are unaware of their own role and responsibility in communication across cultures and what they can do to get the best out of an intercultural interaction. Supporting People provides a lively and engaging 3-hour course for Danish employees who work in multicultural teams and who are seeking new answers to not only how to handle the challenges, but to turn them to opportunities.

The course will be held in Danish and will address issues that frequently arise, such as:

  • What is the right thing to say and do when I need to work effectively with foreign colleagues and partners?
  • How do I communicate a difficult or unpleasant message without threatening relations?
  • How do I decode and interpret my foreign colleagues and partners?
  • How can I get the best out of my multicultural team?

The aim of the course

  • To develop intercultural skills in relation to the participants' own challenges in everyday life
  • To provide a solid foundation for future cross cultural interactions.

The content of the course

The course is based on the concept of cultural intelligence, which can be used to bridge cultural differences, whether we are talking about national culture, professional culture, generational culture, organizational culture or subculture. Cultural intelligence involves three areas which form the basis for our teaching¨:

  • Knowledge, including the Danish cultural baggage, and how, as a Dane one can avoid common pitfalls of working across cultures.
  • Motivation, including the personal interest and commitment to working with cultural differences.
  • Action, including what participants can actually do in the future to develop their intercultural competencies and how to use this knowledge in their everyday.

Price and payment

Up to 15 participants (one consultant): DKK 12,000 + 25% moms

16-30 participants (two consultants): DKK 22,000 + 25% moms

Prices valid until the end of 2012.

The price includes transportation within Greater Copenhagen and materials. It does not include meeting facilities, food and drinks.

“In Denmark, it seems we have moved away from openness and globalisation and in doing so are reducing growth and development. We have to do more to retain the foreign colleagues we are so keen to attract”

Jørgen Hunø Rasmussen, CEO at FLSmidth, taken from an article in Berlingske Tidende 30/09/09: Top industry professionals break with the fear of globalisation

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