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Christophe Hardy, .Net and Sitecore Developer, attended Supporting People’s job search course and is now employed in Copenhagen.

"I attended Supporting People’s CV workshop about job search in Denmark at the French Embassy where I got many new ideas to my applications and job seeking actions, and comments on them from the viewpoint of a professional HR person. Mette helped me to improve my ability to evaluate whether a job was appropriate or not, and to include my social skills along with my technical skills, which I always forgot in the past. Later, when I was invited for a job interview, I contacted Mette to assist me with the preparations, especially because I used to find questions about my strengths and weaknesses quite tricky. I learnt some very useful techniques that I could also use for other job interviews. The support helped me to gain confidence in myself so that I became more secure in the fact that I was seen as a good competitor. After a series of job interviews where I came very close to being selected, I am now happy to be employed in a permanent job in a very attractive firm located in the center of Copenhagen".

Ilse Hubner-Seibl, Executive Assistant, found a job in a global pharmaceutical company through Supporting People.

“After relocating to Denmark it seemed I had to suffer the fate of most expat spouses: Trying in vain to find a job in a foreign country. This changed after my husband's company contacted Supporting People for assistance. Mette provided valuable support, not only by showing me where to start but also by helping me to create the right documents for applications and introducing me into her professional network. In times of frustration she convinced me to maintain a positive attitude. It was thanks to Supporting People's great support that I was finally able to find the perfect job."

Anne Drouet-Majlergaard, Head of the Job Centre at the French Embassy in Denmark:

“Mette ran a workshop for French citizens registered at the Job Centre of the French Embassy in December 2009. With a clear and direct presentation, Mette gave practical tips for creating CVs and writing applications. At the end of the session, all the participants agreed that it had been highly beneficial and that Mette's positive and enthusiastic personality had inspired them in their job seeking efforts in Denmark. So I can warmly recommend Mette's assistance to other expats looking for a job in Denmark.”

Géraldine Rylander, France, found her job through Supporting People during a recession period (2009):

“Working with Mette makes a great difference. She is very professional with a great sense of detail and a lot of tenacity. While headhunters already considered my applications and CV well-written, she nevertheless found ways of improving them. And this has paid off, since I got various interviews. Mette remains available any time for advice and is especially committed to what she does. She is not only a skilled professional but also a great person, who knows how to encourage and motivate without favour. With Mette's help, I found a job within 5 months. Not only "a job" but my dream job in one of the well-known Danish companies. For all these reasons, I heartily recommend Mette to anyone who wants to integrate fast in Danish society.”

Luis Martinez, took advantage of invaluable advice from Supporting People (2010):

“Mette's professional approach, personal care, experience and attention to detail were key elements in helping my job search process. Her consulting service expanded and improved my chances of getting a job and was an important factor in getting me through to interview stage. As a foreigner, it is important to have a Danish reference that not only copes with the local cultural recruitment mindset but also has a strong network. I would also highly recommend Mette and Supporting People in the areas of cultural intelligence, diversity, career advisory and professional development as a fresh and effective option.”

Ulrika B. Thomsen, Virginia, USA, considering moving to Denmark for work:

“Thanks to the outstanding professional assistance of Mette Rønning Steffensen I have been able to revamp my CV/resume getting it up to par and properly structured. My new and well composed CV gives employers the ability to quickly and efficiently understand my competencies and background. With this in mind I now feel confident that I have an upper hand in the selection process given the present competitive and somewhat fierce job market conditions. With her emotional intelligence Mette Rønning Steffensen understands people and their challenges. She expresses herself well and is a good listener. It is a great pleasure to work with Mette as she is not just knowledgeable but also very encouraging, easy to work with, and just an outstanding professional.”

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“40% lack information on why employees leave, where they go and how many employees break their contract early”

2009 survey by International Community taken from Erhvervsbladet 18/12/09: Danish companies are not doing enough for international employees and their families