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Expatriate Partner Support on a global scale.

Supporting People has been partnered with IMPACT Group since 2011, which means that we are now able to provide your company with simultaneous support for expatriate partners in Denmark, Danish expatriate partners relocating to other countries, and expatriate partners of 3rd country moves.

IMPACT Group was established in 1988, and is now recognized worldwide as the leader in relocation and career transition solutions. Their goal and commitment is to provide the most effective global relocation acclimation / integration and dual career programs available.

IMPACT Group has provided transition support to more than 300 Fortune and Global 500 companies who have authorized their services for over 300,000 individuals in hundreds of locations worldwide. Their scalable, flexible service offerings address the transition needs of large global organizations, making IMPACT Group The Transition Expert.


“Tax is just one factor that plays a part in deciding whether a country is an attractive place to be posted (…) What matters most in a posting is that the family settles into the new country, and that only happens if there is proper help and support on hand”

Ditlev Engel, CEO at Vestas, taken from an article in Berlingske Tidende 30/09/09: Top industry professionals break with the fear of globalisation