A warm welcome for families relocating to Denmark

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Supporting People provides knowledge, guidance and support to families and workplaces of expatriates relocating to Denmark and abroad. Our support often makes a vital difference in ensuring that the overeas posting is a success for everyone involved: expatriate employees, their families or partners and recruiting companies.

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“It is incredibly important (…) we recognise that employing a knowledge worker also means taking responsibility for their family and helping them settle in”

Karina Boldsen, Chairman of the board at International Community, taken from www.dr.dk/penge, 23/12/09: Companies are not doing enough to take care of international employees

News Board

September 2012- INSIGHT Magazine recently invited Supporting People to write an article about the job interview in Denmark. Read the article here (pdf)

August 2012- Are you new in Denmark? The Consortium for Global Talent has now published Supporting People's services in their welcome package.

July 2012- Supporting People's benchmarking study of 13 Danish companies is completed, and so is their Business Case for Expatriate Partner Support. Does your company want in on the action? Read more

June 2012- Which three services can make the difference in the success of an expatriation? Supporting People recently attended DI's inspiring HR Master class on global mobility.








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